What is that website about?

This website is all about providing readers with all of the information that they need in order to deal with immigration or refugee status issues in Canada.

Who is this website supposed to help?

This website is supposed to help those who might not know what to do to overcome the challenges of being an immigrant or a refugee in Canada.

What is the Romanian – Canadian Community Alliance?

The Romanian – Canadian Community Alliance is group that helps Romanians living in Canada to cope with their new lives.

How can the Romanian – Canadian Community Alliance help Romanian-Canadians?

The alliance can help Romanian-Canadians by giving them a supportive community, connections, and legal assistance.

Why are there Romanian refugees in Canada?

Canada presents a new life that is free of the conflicts and discrimination that the refugees often face in their home country.

What do Romanian-Canadians need to know about their situation?

Romanian-Canadians should know that there is always hope and that things are improving where they, slowly but surely.

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